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  • Expert in Administration of Web Servers both Unix/Linux and Windows. Perl, ASP, PHP, Python, .NET, AJAX, Shell Scripts, Postgresql, Postgis, MySQL, MSSQL
  • Extensive IBM AS/400 OS Knowledge; CL, Export in Porting C Programs to the AS/400 from UNIX and Windows NT
  • Experienced CL and C Programmer on AS/400
  • Client Server Application Development on the AS/400, UNIX and NT Systems
  • Internet Network Administration UNIX/Windows NT including Databases, Shopping, Perl, CGI, HTML, Graphics
  • Experience in UNIX and Oracle Data Base Administration, SQL, Pro-C, Client/Server programming and installation
  • Extensive real-time programming
  • Experience with DOS and MS Windows, MS Access, DBASE, Lotus 123, and assembly language programming.
  • Experience in Novell Netware (DOS and Windows), UNIX Networks and UNIX System Administration
  • Extensive expertise with DOS internals

October 1997 to Present
Manager and Technical Director of AztecaNet and SuccessNet which are ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Managed all the technical aspects of the Companies including 20 Servers including NT, Linux, and UNIX. Duties Includes DNS, Hosting, and Portmaster router installations, configurations, and management. Duties includes customer programs in Java, C, Perl, PHP, Python, .NET, ASP, HTML, Shell Scripts in BASH and C shells and database development using MSSQL, MYSQL, and POSTGRESQL.

Software Application Development working with AztecaNet

Steve Harvey Radio Network Atlanta, GA – Developed a Email sending program to send approximately 4 million emails per month to their fanclub members.  Developed a Fanclub, birthday ecard, contest nomination, contest voting systems using php, postgresql, and mysql databases.

Homeless Outreach Center, Los Angeles, CA
– Developed several system remote office management system to keep waiting lines short and to measure productivity of counselors.  Developed an automatic intake system to keep track of referrals.

Developed many Online database system for various clients including the Steve Harvey Morning Show and the University of California Humanities Research Institute.

January 1998 to December 1998 Peerless Systems Corporation, El Segundo, California

Developed SNMP Printer MIB and Private MIB for network printing software for printers using the C language on PowerPC processors.

February 1997 to December 1997 - Open Environment Corporation Japan, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Developed AS/400 software using the C programming language interfacing with OS/400 APIs. Successfully ported Middleware programs written in the C language from the PC and the UNIX Platforms to the AS/400 environment utilizing TCP Sockets, shared memory, and semaphores. In addition, performed conversions of the Japanese language character set between SJIS and IBM Japanese.

October 1994 to February 1997 - Xerox Corporation, El Segundo, California
Developed AS/400 printing software using the C programming language interfacing with OS/400 APIs. Developed and ported C language printing software from the Windows NT Platform to the UNIX and AS/400 environments. Developed CL programs for use on the AS/400 platform.

 July 1993 to October 1994 - J.F. Shea, Walnut, California
Also, from October 1992 to January 1993
Worked as a Novell Network Administrator responsible for a 100 user token ring network with an AS400 and approximately 50 IBM PC computers. Installed a new Compaq Server running Novell and installed Windows 3.1 and many windows applications on the network. Some of my duties were modifying the System Login Script and User Login Scripts; installing new software programs on the network, and adding and deleting new users to the network. Also, designed a Account Collections system using C language programs and the Microsoft Access data base program. Further, support users using Lotus 123 for Windows, Q&A, MS Access, Word for Windows, Excel and WordPerfect. I also repaired PCs, installed new drives, memory etc. Supervise a computer technician, programmer and direct outside vendors and outside programming consultants.

 January 1993 to July 1993 - The Mat West Company, Van Nuys, California
Worked as a UNIX System and Oracle Data Base System Administrator responsible for a 30 user TCP/IP ethernet network. My duties included installation, administration, and programming of this Client/Server Data base system. These duties included modifying and creating new reports using SQL, Forms, and Pro-C. My UNIX and Network administration duties include writing shell scripts, handling remote mail, adding and deleting user accounts, installing network software and cards on workstations, etc. Further, I supported users using Microsoft Excel, and WordPerfect. I also repaired PCs, installed new drives, memory etc.

March 1993 to January 1997 - Culver City Adult School, Culver City, California
Installed, on the school's Novell Network, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Word for Windows. Further, I am an instructor teaching MS Word for Windows, C Programming, Wordperfect for Windows, and Modem Courses at the Culver City Adult School during the evenings.

April 1992 to August 1992 - Symantec Corporation, Peter Norton Group, Santa Monica, California
Identified new viruses, and developed repair scripts for the new viruses in the Norton Antivirus Definition Lab. Designed an automation program using batch files and C programs to automate new virus processing. This program manipulated virus data on a Novell network. Developed test plans and procedures to QA virus definitions processed by the Antivirus Definition Lab. Followed established procedures to QA beta versions of the Norton Antivirus program.

June 1988 to March 1992 - Technology Service Corporation, Santa Monica, California
Designed and programmed accounting report programs that interface with Lotus spreadsheets. Lotus spreadsheet programs contained macros to input and manipulate data.

Designed real-time software for two missile simulators using the C on a (SGI) Silicon Graphics UNIX workstation and on a Sun Workstation. The simulation program utilized X-Windows (Motif Widget Set) for the user interface. Also, programmed the G2000 PHIGs based 3D Graphics for real time graphics simulation. Further, programmed device drivers for a DR11W interface. Further, I developed test plans and procedures to QA the real-time software, user interface, and the interfaces to other computers. Also, I installed these simulators at Mitsubishi Electric Co. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan.

Performed UNIX System Administration dutes on SGI and SUN workstation computers. Installed an ethernet thin-wire TCP/IP local area network to connect terminal servers, printers, and UNIX workstations.

Designed and programmed graphics routines for the an IBM PC based RADAR station.

Designed a Document Control Data Base system on the IBM PC utilizing the DBASE IV data base language.

Designed and programmed drivers to interface to a Frequency Response Analyzer, Frequency Counter, and other instruments utilizing an IEEE 488 bus and the VAX Ada language for an automated factory application.

February 1987 to June 1988 - Lear Astronics Corporation, Santa Monica, California. Company is now known as Bae Systems
Designed and programmed real time assembly language avionics software using the RISC Signal Processor ADSP 2100 for the F-111 including software to interface to a (1553 packet based) network similar to the ipx and netx Novell programs. Designed and programmed real time assembly language software for a radar using the RISC based Signal Processor ADSP 2100 microprocessor. Formulated test plans and procedures for testing an electronic compass gyro. Also, I used 1802 assembly language to implement test software. Designed test plans and procedures to test an A4 Flight Control Computer using a IBM PC based test station . I also designed and programmed test software for the test station.

January 1985 to January 1987 - Technology Service Corporation, Santa Monica, California
Designed and programmed a software driver to interface an IBM PC/AT to an ADIC 3M digital cassette drive. This driver was implemented using Microsoft C. Designed and programmed 8086 assembly language software for controlling a radar. Programmed drivers to interface to a 3M digital cassette, I/O ports, serial ports, Video terminals, etc.

January 1983 to January 1985 - Hughes Aircraft Company, Ground Systems Group, Fullerton, California
Assisted in formulating a design plan and a test plan for a digital message communication system I also, developed software to test I/O drivers for this project and I designed and programmed real time firmware in Z80 assembly language for this project.

June 1982 to January 1983 - Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, California
Interfaced a Relational Data Base written in FORTRAN and MACRO-11 assembly language to the LISP language for use by Artificial Intelligence programs. The multi-user data base used a pipeline method for program inter-communication and executed on the DEC 20 and PDP-11 computers.

B.A. Degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University in December, 1982. Courses at California State Univ., Fullerton including digital design, data base design, and computer architecture. Also courses at UCLA including Intro. to AI, Lisp, Adv. Lisp Programming, C++, Object Oriented Design, Visual Basic Programming, and X windows. Also, a Novell Netware administration course at West LA College.

C, C++, PL/M, LISP, ADA, PASCAL, FORTH, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, RPGII, Analog Devices Gen. Purpose Signal Processor ADSP 2100, Intel 80x86 family; Zilog Z80, Z8002;Motorola 680x0 family; RCA 1802, DEC MACRO-11 and other assembly languages.

Former National Treasurer of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. I also enjoy studying languages. I am fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian; and I can speak some Japanese and French. Further, I also enjoy playing soccer in my spare time.

Available on Request.

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