I have refereered many games over 25+ plus years and there is always an unusual situation that occurs and I have to do some research. I decided to write them here in the hopes other referees may learn from my experiences.


Penalty Kick Situation

Everything for a penalty kick to take place had happened properly. A player was identified to take the Penalty Kick. Everything was set for the kick. The Goal keeper and the players were in there correct positions. The player backed up to take the kick and moved outside of the penalty more than 10 yards away. At this point, his teammate stepped up and took the penalty kick.

This situation is not allowed since the identified kicker did not take the kick. His teammate that took the kick encroached on the 10 yard distance and an Indirect Free Kick is awarded to the defending team. This situation is considered an infringement of Law 14.

I found the information here.

Historically this Situation was handled differently.

Previously, the kicker that was not the identified kicker may be cautioned and the kick retaken.


Mario Araujo

Los Angeles, California USA