There are 3 areas of your foot that you can shoot with, all of them have VERY different effects.

Inside of your foot - This is the most accurate of all three shots, but sacrifices a bit of power and drive, usually adds a bit of inside curve (If you use the inside of your right foot to shoot, this will cause inside curve on the ball which will eventually cause it to change directions [curve] to the left). This shot is used when a player wants to pick an exact spot in the net from a relatively close range from goal (within 20 yards), OR if a player wants to bend the ball around a player or goalkeeper.

Top of your foot (laces) - This is the most powerful of all three shots but can take a really long time for the common player to become skillful with, and at times is horribly inconsistent. This shot is used from long or close range, when you want a shot that is powerful and straight (sometimes this shot can have backspin which causes it to lift harmlessly upwards and away from goal or topspin which can cause a deadly dip downwards in the middle of the ball's trajectory). Typically this is used from long range 15+ yards away from goal to catch the keeper sleeping or to slam home a goal.

Outside of your foot - This is the hardest shot to learn and perfect, but once you become familiar with it can be just as accurate or close to as accurate as the inside of your foot. This shot sacrifices a bit of power for outside curl (if you use outside of your right foot it causes the ball to have outside spin which will change direction [curve] to the right). Typically this shot is used by players who lack skill with both of their feet and find they are more effective shooting outside with their predominant foot than inside with their weak foot. Also this can be used to bend your shot around the keeper or a player.

Those are your three types of shots, here's a few basic pointers. When you shoot with high power, make sure your head is down over the ball, lean over the ball (sometimes to keep a shot with a ton of power down you need to lean UNCOMFORTABLY over the ball, eventually when you get used to this uncomfortable feeling it will just become second nature and will feel completely natural to do).

Never lean back when you shoot or you will find you'll be chasing that ball past the net. The toe of your plant foot should be pointing in the direction you want to shoot. ALWAYS lock your ankle as much as you can, swing your hips, and follow through your shot. When you become familiar with your shot, the follow through should be exaggerated enough that your shoot leg will lift you off the ground after the follow through from pure momentum.

Soccer Shooting Drills